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An Indica-dominant hybrid that can reach 130cm.

Skillfully bred and bred to offer growers of all abilities the high quality traits that made her parents so popular in California; this high yielding producer can produce up to 550gr / m2 in just under 65 days, making her ideal for those looking for high quality bud in a relatively short time.
You can expect a delicious and flavorful blend of aromas which thanks to the impressive 26% THC results in a cerebral high that hits you between the eyes and slowly transforms into strong body relaxation.

• Buds fit for a king - Huge, dense buds for those who love the top-of-the-line look.
• Outstanding Yields - Expect up to 550gr / m2 in just under 65 days!
• Dream variant for beginners - Anything that makes genetics good without needing a lot of maintenance or extra effort.
• Flavorful Flowers - A terpene-rich strain that lives up to even the most demanding smokers.
• Among the strongest of all time - With 26% THC, an unforgettable high for even the heaviest smokers.

The buds grow denser than most Indica-dominant hybrids, develop a pointed, almost spear-shaped appearance and puffy calyxes with a few thin light orange hairs scattered around them and a thick layer of resin on all the buds that give them. a whitish-green color.
You will see plenty of leaves with piles of trichomes which will give you an idea of ??what to expect even before harvest, which means this strain hits hard and is suitable for the most demanding consumers.

Forbidden Runtz Auto provides an overall balanced effect; expect a slightly stronger body high that won't leave you stuck on the couch at first, letting you laugh and enjoy her Sativa heritage before melting into the nearest couch, taking away all physical aches and worries.
A wonderful effect if you are looking for a complete effect suitable for hanging out with friends or doing your chores and watching your favorite movie or series on the sofa after the day is over.

Expect a main stem that can reach an average of 130cm surrounded by several long, thick side branches that can grow to almost as large as the main cola.
A truly bushy variety that won't be afraid to show off its hybrid vigor.
This variety grows large fan leaves with several thin fingers from each internode, where you will also see rounded golf ball-sized buds developing, ending with an obelisk-shaped main cola.
An amazing producer who will reward you with up to 550gr / m2 of high quality buds, the perfect choice for extractors looking for a premium resin producer.

We highly recommend using a scrog net or bamboo poles to support the branches due to the dense buds which may be too heavy to bear.
Due to the bushy foliage, we suggest performing LST techniques such as tying the branches or lightly defoliating if you are experienced enough, this allows the light to go deeper and provide better airflow between the buds, thus increasing yields, and prevent mold and insects.
Remember to rinse thoroughly a week before harvest to make sure the true flavors and aromas come out during the ripening process.

Upon inhalation, this strain delivers that famous forbidden fruit flavor, but with an unusual mix of fruity and sweet flavors, and a touch of earthy terpenes, resulting in a creamy and pleasant smoke, which slowly transforms into a distinct flavor. almost caramel with citrus nuances that leaves the mouth with a delicious aftertaste.
An ideal choice for smokers who love strains that make you think about every hit.

Taste Earthy, Fruit, Sweet
THC Up to 26%
CBD <1%
EU Indoor Yield 450 - 550 gr / m2
US Indoor Yield 1.5 - 1.8 oz / ft2
EU Outdoor harvest 50 - 150 gr / plant
US Outdoor Yield 2 - 5 oz / plant
XXL size
Height EU 90 - 130 cm
US height 35 - 51 inches
Flowering weeks 9 weeks
Grown in: Indoor / Outdoor
Gender Feminized
Sativa 35% / Indica 65%

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