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Gelato has become a flagship in taste and quality since its creation in California

and our Gelato Auto is no different. A well-structured stable plant with different flavors of ice cream, making it a great choice for extractions. And with lab tests of up to 26% THC, Gelato is arguably the most potent strain we've ever created.

Appearance of the tops

Flowers covered with shimmering, orange pistils. Boasting a vibrant green color, with golden and orange hairs, these buds will stick to your fingers to the touch.

Smoking report

A euphoric, cheerful and energetic effect. Ideal for creative minds looking to overcome writer's block. If you are a new smoker, we advise you to be careful, having a whopping 26% THC, this strain will be very potent and can leave some asleep. Smoke lightly, enjoy the creamy flavors and let the creativity flow inside you.

Appearance of the plant

A rich green plant, the crystal-covered leaves will sparkle in the light, whether solar or artificial. A more Indica-like structure, quite robust and with lots of compact buds. As it approaches the end of its cycle you will notice that it is covered with orange pistils.

Growing tips

Being a more Indica structured plant, a slight defoliation could be recommended to encourage growth in the lower sections of the plant. A carbon filter is highly recommended, as it is one of our varieties with the most intense smell. Growers should also think about harvest around week 10, which is when the pistils start to turn slightly amber / orange. Its abundance of resin makes it a great choice for oil production or extractions. It is advisable to rinse the roots should about 10 days before the end of the cycle.


A blend of earthy flavors, combining with sweeter biscuit aromas and citrus touches, makes each puff light and smooth, with hints of ice cream undertones.

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