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A fast flowering, high yielding Sativa dominant hybrid,

this strain reaches around 120cm and can yield up to 550gr / m2, rewarding growers with extremely resinous buds in 63 days.
This strain offers a strong and well-defined fruity aroma that is accompanied by an extreme sweetness and earthiness, and thanks to the insane 24% THC, it provides a strong head buzz and a weak but still pleasant body relaxation.
A good smoke for those looking for a day and night effect that allows you to pass the days without feeling too euphoric or tired.

• Legendary Flowers - A remarkable terpene profile that makes for better extractions.
• An amazing 24% THC! - A perfect combination of two legendary strains.
• Fiercely Fruity - Delicious fruity terpenes that will leave your mouth watering.
• First Class Autoflowering - Impressive genetics reaching 120cm and producing 550gr / m2 in 63 days.
• Perfectly balanced - A pleasant effect to suit both day and night.

Buds the size of a ping-pong ball grow mostly light green with dark green undertones and sometimes with pink highlights that give the buds a mesmerizing look and smell like a sweet fruit cocktail with a strong earthy aroma.
Thanks to the insane production of trichomes, there appear to be trichomes growing on top of the trichomes, making the buds look almost fluffy and giving them that gooey look that every commercial grower looks for.

Mimosa Cake Auto is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, but thanks to the selected terpene profile, her strong Sativa high goes hand in hand with a nice Indica side, making her a strain suitable for both day and night use.
If you smoke too much, you may feel the cerebral high a lot more and it may make you talk a lot and feel the munchies, so be careful! But in moderation, you will feel a pleasant body high that calms your nerves and motivates you, leaving you in a relaxed state of mind with sharp focus.

This strain grows tall enough to be an autoflower and develops a tall main cola reaching up to 120cm, surrounded by multiple side branches that grow upward to varying heights, giving it a pine-like structure.
You can expect a bushy plant with relatively small fan leaves and long branches that are completely enveloped in extremely dense buds and can yield up to 550gr / m2, a great autoflower for all types of growers looking for a top yield without much. maintenance or extra effort.

Due to the density of the buds, it is recommended to provide support to the branches during the last few weeks of flowering to prevent the branches from breaking.
It is recommended to perform the LST from the start of growth so that the light reaches all flowering sites equally, doing this will also allow air to flow between the buds, preventing mold and further increasing yields.
This strain is a notable trichome producer, recommended for hash extractors and producers looking for large quantities of high quality resin.

It offers a fresh and appetizing mix of terpenes that tastes the same as the cocktail; a mix of sweet terpenes with a strong lemon background that tastes the same as its smell.
You will experience a strong earthy and sweet floral taste as you inhale which gradually transforms into a fruity and almost tropical taste with a touch of berries and a hint of tartness as you exhale.
A truly delicious smoke, a must try for lovers of fruity terpenes and for those looking for the best terpenes for their extractions.

Flavor Lemon, Earthy, Floral
THC Up to 24%
CBD <1%
EU Indoor Yield 450 - 550 gr / m2
US Indoor Yield 1.5 - 1.8 oz / ft2
EU Outdoor harvest 60 - 160 gr / plant
US Outdoor Yield 2 - 5 oz / plant
Size XL
Height EU 90 - 120 cm
US height 35 - 47 inches
Flowering weeks 9 weeks
Grown in: Indoor / Outdoor
Gender Feminized
Sativa 60% / Indica 40%

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