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Original Auto BubbleGum is an autoflower that impresses everyone,

from commercial growers who want results in the shortest possible time, to hobbyists and beginners who want to grow the best flowers without too much hassle. This balanced hybrid takes just 9 weeks from seed to harvest and, thanks to its autoflowering genetics, can be grown under any type of lighting schedule. A very flexible strain that always excels no matter how and where you grow it.

The plant can reach up to 1.3m and will develop a large central cola with numerous long side branches. It may not be the smallest autoflower you will find, but it responds well to a simple pruning or other training techniques like SOG. It is also suitable for beginners in cannabis cultivation as it is very hardy and adapts well to all types of environments, including colder climates. And don't be stingy with the nutrients for this plant! She is a great eater and will rarely show signs of overeating or nutrient deficiency. With a little care and attention, you can expect to achieve up to 550g / m² indoors. Thanks to her sticky, resin-coated buds, this is also the best choice if you want to make hash and concentrate.

Original Auto BubbleGum makes her photoperiod sister proud: she has the same intense scent that many reminds of strawberry smoothies, but with slight earthy notes. Her smoke is surprisingly smooth and will make your mouth water with her signature strawberry and cherry candy notes.

It offers a good 20% THC, so it shouldn't be underestimated. Its balance of indica and sativa produces a cheerful and upbeat high, but one that allows you to stay clear. She will give you waves of creativity and can give you new insights, becoming the perfect companion for all types of activities, whether it is a walk in nature or a smoking session with friends.

Do you want a stunning autoflower with an old school flavor and a big effect? Look no further than FastBuds Original Auto BubbleGum!

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